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Date:October 13th, 2014 01:53 am (UTC)

Part 3

Clara, sadly, I think is a lost cause by this point. Which makes me feel sad for Jenna. She's doing a great job, acting her socks off. But they can't seem to actually do anything good with her. She's either a control freak (which she isn't, but which all the other characters emotionally abusively and repeatedly accuse her of) or a victim. (Presumably thinking she HAS to marry Danny and have his kids now, because "time" said it already happened. Personally, I think Danny already has a kid, that's what all his "family problems" are about, when we know he's an orphan. So Clara isn't actually needed for Orson to exist, and the grandparent with the "time travel stories" was actually Danny.)

Although, unfortunately, knowing Moffat's writing tendencies. I think we're probably stuck with the dickish Doctor. Everybody says, "Oh, he'll mellow out by the end of the series and have an epiphany and change, just you wait and see, Moffat "has a plan." Which frankly, I'm not buying, when has Moffat actually had a plan by the end of the story? I sincerely hope I'm wrong. But I wouldn't put money on it.)

And, honestly, where is everyone getting the idea that Capaldi is acting like the Classic Doctors by being this negative callous person? I don't remember even 6 being this bad. It's like they've taken rare and isolated incidents (1's first 2 or 3 stories, Tom's one surprising callous moment in Pyramids of Mars, and 6's badly thought out characterization,) and conflated them into meaning "this is what the Doctor REALLY is." Frankly, I find it rather insulting to the Classic Doctors, who were, largely, charming and whimsically funny fellows, the kind I'd love to travel with. Not this negative, pessimistic, callous, and deliberately MEAN person.

I really don't understand whey they'd ever even write the Doctor this way. Much less deliberately. And repeatedly.

I don't know whether to feel sorry for Capaldi or not. I just hope that this isn't the "real" Doctor he'd always wanted to play. And if it is, I'm sort of sad that his vision of the Doctor was always such a negative one.

Characterization is one thing, but there is also context. Why is this being done in DOCTOR WHO of all places?

Where has the joy and optimism gone?

Anyway, loved your review, love the insisive way to look at things, and your great and hilarious way with words. It's always a delight and a laugh out loud to read your reviews. Love it.

(And I am sorry for the long replies, I really don't mean to come on here and write a treatise. But I'm longwinded, and I love discussing Doctor Who. And you raise so many good points.

I'd say I'll try to keep it shorter in future, but I probably won't.)
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Date:October 13th, 2014 05:34 pm (UTC)
Capaldi is reminding me a bit of Six. When Six arrived my memories of watching the show as a child are that he was just such a monstrously abusive dick that this was the moment when I fell out of love with the show and pretty much stopped watching it.

And... Capaldi's Doctor has now been much more of a dick than Six ever was.

Maybe that's why the engineer turned him down, because it was a recognition that no, the sane response to this Doctor would be to absolutely not get in any blue boxes with him.
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