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Date:October 21st, 2014 10:26 pm (UTC)
Everything about Moffat's tenure can be summed up with two scenes from this episode:

1. The end. After banging on about lying the whole episode, Clara has to trust that the Doctor actually means it when he says he saved everyone. She passed out, but the Doctor managed to grab everyone on the whole train (before they died from asphyxiation or explosion), teleport them to the city there, but left Clara sleeping on the beach until he came back...
It's actually a fantastic scene, possibly the best scene in the season. There is so much going on there that isn't being said (or in true Moffat fashion, shoved up your nose like a puppy who messed the carpet...)

2. The scene with Macy and Clara. They *specifically* mention that "We are finally alone, and we are going to talk about a man?". This totally read to me as Moffat giving the finger to the people who have noticed that he couldn't pass the Bechtel test if he made a female doctor who visited Amazon XVII.

Capable of making some really amazing and subtle conversations. Squandering it on getting back at people who dare to question his brilliance. This is Moffat to a T.
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